Michelangelo Antonioni

L’avventura – Michelangelo Antonioni, Director
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Editors: Seymour Chatman, Guido Fink
Year: 1989
Format: Book, hardcover
Michelangelo Antonioni was an Italian film director, screenwriter, editor, painter, and short story author. He is best known for his "trilogy on modernity and its discontents" — L'Avventura (1960), La Notte (1961), and L'Eclisse (1962)—as well as the English-language films Blowup (1966) and The Passenger (1975). His films have been described as "enigmatic and intricate mood pieces" that featured elusive plots, striking visuals, and a preoccupation with modern landscapes. His work would substantially influence subsequent art films.